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Charlotte again shares some of the recent books she has read with you: May has come around so quickly, and I am now starting to look forward to seaside holidays (although maybe staying on British sand) and what do you need on a holiday. A good book that you can get lost in! Choosing which books to tell you about this month has been difficult as I have read so many good ones!! If you are interested in seeing all that I read search for Books and Bargains on youtube! However, I have picked the following three books and I hope you enjoy them …

The first is a kindle exclusive book, that I am actually halfway through, but that is Kiley Dunbar’s The borrow a bookshop holiday. A bookshop owner in Devon is renting out his bookshop for two weeks at a time so guests can live their fantasy of running a bookshop and cafe next to the sea. I only have one question … where do I sign up? If you are craving a seaside retreat with descriptions of the beautiful views, then this one is most definitely for you!

The second, and my absolute favourite book of the last month is Eva Carter’s How to save a life. I was lucky enough to get my hands on an advanced reader copy of this book and it didn’t disappoint. Inspired by the authors own experience of saving her partners life when he went into cardiac arrest, this book follows three characters over the span of 18 years following the night that one has a cardiac arrest, and the others step in to save him. This book had me crying at points, and really hammered home the importance of both CPR and defibrillators. It also had definite greys anatomy vibes and I couldn’t put it down! (due to be published 27th May)

Last but by no means least is Sarah J. Naughton’s The festival. This is a slow burn of a mystery thriller following four old school friends who reunite to go to a festival. I loved how the beginning of this book really got to know the characters and where they were in life right now, before getting into the scary parts! We know from the blurb that not all of them will survive the weekend, and this book genuinely terrified me! I couldn’t put it down once I started, and I am not sure I could go to a festival again! I don’t scare easily, I can read all the supernatural horror in the world, but when a plot feels this real it has me running for cover under the duvet!

I hope that you are all keeping safe and enjoying the little bit more freedom we have now, I have bought several books and I don’t seem to be slowing down!

Borrow a Bookshop Holiday
Ho to Save a Life
The festival

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